5 features CUCM severely lacks

"Cisco CUCM" "Cisco CUCM features"

In our work, we helped hundreds of companies that deployed Cisco Unified Communications Manager and need to extend the “out of the box” CUCM functionality to solve their problems. Here’s what enterprises can enhance in their CUCM, based on the most frequent requests from our clients: Advanced enterprise directory Both CUCM and Cisco Jabber only […]

Configure ATA on Avaya IP Office 500

"ATA" "Linksys PAP2T" "ATA IP Office 500"

Avaya IP Office 500 supports Analog devices including analog phones or fax machines either using direct connection to an analog extension card on your IP office System or using Avaya 3rd Party IP license and any 3rd party SIP ATA. Many ATAs has been tested on Avaya IP office 500 including the below: – Linksys […]

Employee Retention: Ways to Keep Your Top Talent From Jumping Ship

'Jump from ship'

Training employees is a delicate balancing act. If you do a decent job, you risk losing them to your competitors. If you don’t do a good job, they get frustrated and leave. Where’s the sweet spot? Many companies have felt the frustration and sting of putting $100,000 into employee training only to lose them 12 […]

Practice, Training, Committment: Tools for Passing Microsoft Certification Tests the First Time, Every Time

"Microsoft Certification"

If you are considering advancing your skills by completing a Microsoft Certification Exam, it is important to take the right steps to make sure that you have a strong understanding of the required material.  According to Microsoft, eighty six percent of hiring managers indicated that IT certifications are a priority when selecting potential candidates to […]

How to Monitor Your Employee Productivity with Stealthgenie


Many Enterprise and Small Businesses have sales personals and field technical engineers that are most of the time outside the company. Companies can easily track the productivity and control their on campus staff but they have no clue about the productivity of their outside staff. Do they know how their outside staff are responding to […]

Save Money with VoIP

voip features

Keeping in touch with clients and colleagues is essential to all kinds of businesses, but finding the right phone features to meet your communication needs used to be a challenge for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), these SMEs now have more telephony choices at affordable prices. Here are some […]

Improve Communications with Unified Messaging

"Improve Communication" "Unified Messaging"

In order for businesses to ensure that they keep track of all of their communication systems and be able to deliver the optimum level of customer service at all times, it is essential that all manner of communication is being monitored and focused upon, and that responses are quick and effective. A unified messaging platform […]

Conducting Online interviews

job interview

The internet has helped a lot in connecting people. Nowadays, it is not really a big deal to do business with people halfway across the globe, or to work for a company without ever stepping foot in the office. While emails still remain useful, real time communication is happening more and more through video and […]

Systems of Phone Communications

phone communication

Most of us take phones for granted, especially the younger generation. For the younger people, the phone is just there, they’ve learned at a young age to use and manipulate technology but the science and genius that is behind the technology is ignored. We are constantly interacting and connected with others through our smartphones, gadgets […]

Essential VoIP features that benefit mobile agents

voip features

Company employees who spend a lot of the time on the road conduct business differently from those who stay glued in office workstations. The time window that their schedules usually peer through require of them to make quick but practical decisions out of the necessity to execute things fast while being mobile. Although mobile agent […]

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