Rev Your Startup with VoIP

Think about the term “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” and you’ll get a semblance of how hard creating a startup is. It is not as glorious as thinking about creating a game changing app inside a college dorm. A startup involves large capital outputs at the beginning and tremendous amounts of commitment, around two years of hard work, before it even earns.


It is very important to the starting entrepreneur to save up on costs and maximize benefits on the get go. What is actually great about doing business in this day and age is that a host of disruptive technology has levelled the playing field. In the case of telecommunications, several key features that companies use in the systems like call forwarding and trunk lines can now easily be acquired through a subscription of VoIP and Virtual PBX services ( Here are some of the things that PBX can contribute to a startup:

  • Apps Upgrade Mobility

Although offices keep things organized, they are often the biggest expense generators to a startup. This is the reason why some businesspeople choose to work out of their garages. This keeps costs down as the startup’s first employee, meaning the owner, goes out and promotes the business to get it off the ground.

During this phase, it is very important to be constantly in touch with clients and colleagues whenrever the enterprise gets an opportunity to upgrade its operation or get a sale. VoIP services often have apps that allow anyone to take advantage of its services. Should there be no apps from the VoIP provider then there are always third party software that enable you to use your VoIP number to make calls that do not get charged against your airtime credits.

  • Make Your Business Local Anywhere You Want It To Be

VoIP providers allow you to order virtual numbers that can be local to a particular state or area. This will give your business a few key leverages. First, it allows you to gain the appearance of having offices in California, in New York, or Silicon Valley. Second, having a local number where your clients are is also a form of consideration; it will lower their costs in contacting you and will help you get more business often in that particular area. Third, there are benefits to being seen as a local business since certain consumers love supporting what is in their neighborhood directories.

  • Up the Ante With a PBX

Growing businesses should have means in order to organize their communications as they sprout new departments and gain new employees. For a startup, acquiring Virtual PBX software to help manage the new phones and get a virtual receptionist that greets and leads callers to their point person is a plus. This increases the impression you will give your customers. The technology for this used to be expensive when analog phones still dominated the market but Internet Protocol telephony has made the lowered the cost for this particular service. VoIP services even allow you to add or remove lines and phones as you see fit.

Startups are all the rage these days but it is definitely a very competitive business environment out there and so many players get quashed early. A new company with a lean structure with open and flexible lines of communication already has a leg up against other startups. Investing in VoIP early and using the service on the go, acquiring local digital numbers for use in a particular area or address, and the maintenance of a virtual office through a PBX can help you turn those bootstraps into rocket thrusters.

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    Nice post nancy. Voip offers great features as compared to traditional phone service
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